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    Opaline Optima worldcupStuttgart 1m35

Sisters & Brothers

  • Opaline Optima  level 1m35
  • Santa Maria Optima level 1m30
  • Troubadour Optimus level 1m30
  • Vasco Optimus°2017 Approved SBS

Sire: Hector Optimus level 1m30

  • Silver on Belgian Championship Pony 2020 (1m30

Dam : Rêve d'Azur

  • Sire :Dexter Leam Pondi 6 times qualified for the EC  (1 x silver,1 x bronze), French and Italian Champion
  • The brother of Rêve is the international jumping Forban Pondy. 
Hector Optimus Triomphe de Riverland Cornet Obolenski
Orchid's Kumara Justice H.R.
Melle Malou
Reve d'Azur Dexter Leam Pondi Leam Finnigan
White Granite
Bourask de Kerinou Gulf Stream
Tanny de Mescam

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